Application:SSLECO Daylight Series SOL1306SXX


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1.Solar spectrum & Black body radiation spectrum


The formation of the earth's biology, reproductive evolution, and the emergence of human civilization development is all dependent on the sun light invariably. The sun light not only provides vision lighting to all the creatures, more importantly is to provide basic energy source for the survival and reproduction of the earth's biology. Based on the existence of evolution reason, the light of the solar spectrum is the most ideal artificial lighting light source. Besides sun light, the black-body radiation ighting has also been facilitated the evolution of human civilization, is an important complement of sun light.

For the Modern humans, there is a big chance to stay in the classroom, the office building, and living at home in a sunny day, we may use artificial lighting for whole daytime and night. Though these artificial lighting can satisfy people's visional illumination need, but the indoor light is lack of some spectrum which exists in the full spectrum natural light, which will cause some health problems to human beings gradually, and it is hard to meet people's both physiological and psychological needs as well.


Therefore, we are pioneering the concept of physical lighting, and we believe that lighting should meet both the needs of Visional lighting and Physiological lighting, which we call it Health lighting for short.


The SSLECO Daylight series consists of near solar spectral light sources with color temperature above 5000K and black-body radiation spectral light sources with color temperature below 4000K.


2.SSLECO Daylight Typical Spectrum and parameters at CCT 5600K


3.SSLECO Daylight Typical Spectrum and parameters at CCT 3200K


4.SSLECO Daylight Application


(1) Long-time artificial lighting and health-care scenarios




Reading rooms


Table lamps




(2) Accurate color reduction scenarios

Printing workshops

Dyeing & Printing

Textile workshops

Painting workshops


Show windows

Fresh food stores



(3)HD Studios and special lighting

Photoflood Lamps

Art design



Operation lighting


5.Product Selection Guide


Part No. Power(W) Vf(V) If(mA) series parallel Color Temp.(K) CRI-Ra CQS-Qa Rf Rg TLCI (lm/W) Lumen(lm)(Tj=25℃ )
SOL1306S32 6 36 180 12S3P 3200 99 97 97 99 99 100 648
SOL1306S40 4000 98 99 98 101 99 107 693
SOL1306S50 5000 98 99 98 101 99 110 713
SOL1306S56 5600 99 99 98 101 99 110 713